Google Ads/Publicity in Google

Our objective is that you appear just in Google of instantaneous way when,
the people are looking for something related your product or service! 
We thought about you and your needs!

We develop your advertising campaigns in Google to scale your business in Mexico

We are expert in Google Adwords and we designed the announcements from zero so that you can arrive every day at more clients, and environs.

Your potential clients are looking for to you in Google, only lacking who you appear in the results search of immediate way.

How fuciona our process in Muse Media?

First step:

We communicated by email with you or we can realise a telephone call to know your needs.

We talk on your project or business to know more of you and of how we can help you.

Segundo Paso:

Our specialists in digital marketing will look for the key words by which your possible buyers can find you in Google

A planning is made to altogether arrive at the objective public in combination with the relevance of the key words and the design from zero from your campaign with the amount and type from announcements.

Third Step:

Periodically we will optimize your announcements so that your budget well is distributed

You will count on a Account Manager that will send metric the corresponding ones to you of the campaigns so that you analyze them with your equipment and can make the best decisions.

Your clients are looking for to you on Facebook, only lack that your business appears to them.

Other Services of Digital Marketing


Analytics and Performance

Strategic planning of average digitalises with attainable and measurable results



Positioning Web in web search engines to appear in the first results of Google


Development Web

Development of webpages or websites for different projects or businesses

Courses and Factories of Digital Marketing

We know that not always the services of an Agency of Digital Marketing can be contracted, nevertheless we have created for you a series of tutorial video to solve all the doubts that you have with respect to digital subjects as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, as creating a website, etc.

Summary than you can obtain contracting a strategy of
Google Ads/Publicity in Google


Trillions of searches at any moment

Google is the web search engine but powerful in the world, you can buy by click and by impression it depends on your objective.


Network of ready Google and Display for your campaigns

You can create announcements of text, banners and video to attract your potential clients and to offer your products or services to them.


It reaches Geographic without Limits

You can segment your campaigns to any part of the world, Google anywhere in the world has million searches to the day.


Funnels of conversion

We use €œFunnels of conversion€ so that to guide the prospectus or lead by the best way and thus to outline it so that the equipment of sales can make a successful closing of sale.


Reach of new clients

We will show your announcements the people who look for something related to your business at the indicated moment.


Local or Global announcements

Your announcements will be oriented to local or regional clients (cranes, etc.), international or in certain countries where your brand is or wants to arrive.


Extensions of announcement for greater visibility

While more forms we must to show our announcements, more efficient it will be our campaign.


Visibility of the daily cost

We only created an advertising account to you for your business and we give access you in real time so that you review whatever you take spent.


Described prospectuses

In the generation of prospectuses we tried to outline to lead so that your you only dedicate yourself to quote and to make the closing with your equipment of sales.


Planning of Investment according to your budget

Before home we make an investigation and planning to know of where we are going to start off and that type of announcements will design himself for the advertising campaigns within Google.


Constant optimization of the announcements

Our experts in digital marketing will optimize your key words so that your budget renders and has the impact that your you want.


Only payments by click by announcement

You will only pay when somebody makes click in your announcement taking to you to but usuary interested in buying or knowing to you more of your products.