Positioning Web in Web search engines (SEO)

You want to appear in the first results search in Google?

You want to appear when people look for something related your business?

It stops paying you equal monthly publicity agencies that do not bring RESULTS to youto be more specific than THEY DO NOT GENERATE to YOU SALES.
Dent with us this one high strategy of marketing in the most famous finders as Google.


To appear in the first results or first leaf of results is extremely beneficial, since it allows you to position to you (Branding) and to all along generate prospectuses without needing being investing publicity constantly. You will also get a lot of benefits by using a cheapest dedicated server that is why we recommend you to use it. The other hosting service that you might want to consider is affordable vps hosting cpanel that might help you a lot.

Strategy in the long term

Without a doubt the positioning Web (SEO) is not something that can be obtained from immediate way, basically is a long term strategy, as minimum 3 to 6 months or up to 1 year, following the geographic competition of the key words to position. 

Industries that work

Without a doubt the SEO and ssd vps hosting applies for all the industries, nevertheless we have seen of first hand that are certain businesses that have more facility to position themselves due to the great existing demand on the part of the internauts.

Types of Business who can benefit from a strategy SEO of faster way

  • Outsourcing (Human Resources)
  • Rent of Offices and Spaces of Coworking
  • Rent of vending machines
  • Plastic commercialization for packings
  • Real estate (departments, houses, lands of investment)
  • Products/industrial services
  • Alarms, Cameras of Monitoring, Sensors
  • Lawyers, Accountants and Doctors

Other Services of Digital Marketing

Design name brand & Strategy of Branding

Manual of Identity, Logo, Typographies, Identity and Corporative Image


Strategic planning of average digitalises with attainable and measurable results

Strategy of Contents

Strategic planning of contents for websites, social networks, magazines, newspapers, etc. accompanied by publicity to generate interaction.

Summary than you can obtain contracting to a strategy SEO


Your clients find you faster in Internet

It is important to appear in Google if your clients look for your brand or something related her. That is why we also recommend you to use vps hosting with ssd that not only makes everything faster for your clients but also gives you other advantages such as control panel and others.


To appear in other sites (Backlinking)

Think it as a strategy of digital public relations, the objective is that all speak of you.


Innovation in strategy of contents

We can do from podcasts to videos for website, Spotify or your channel of Youtube, the generation of quality content is crucial.


Automatization in attention to the client

We know that he is complicated to be in all the channels, for that reason we used automatization so that DES an excellent attention to the client.


Constant revision of factors SEO

The service of SEO is a monthly maintenance, day with day we reviewed your position and we did not leave you lower of place.



We have to the best suppliers in services of unlimited hosting to eliminate the vulnerability before possible intrusions.


Described prospectuses

In the generation of prospectuses we tried to outline to lead so that your you only dedicate yourself to quote and to make the closing with your equipment of sales, and we will support you with the safest and fastest dedicated server hosting



We count on an endorsement system to return to any version of your site if it were gotten to need.