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AVERAGE MUSE is an AGENCY OF DIGITAL MARKETING in QUER‰TARO focused in constructing to your brand designing the plan of marketing for your company from the social networks, Google Adwords, Webpages, Announcements on Facebook, Community Management, SEO and SEM, Digital Publicity or Publicity Online of €œan intelligent€ way but putting emphasis in the study of analytical for the decision making and the planning and objectives of the model of business of each company.

Our approach to Digital Marketing is focused in a process of learning and growth with our clients

VtlGlobal is an agency of digital marketing spent 100% to provide digital solutions altogether taking care of sector SME in Mexico specifically in Quer©taro, giving as a fundamental solution the development of websites, working with the clients in how creating a webpage and because it is a so important part in these times always of the hand with a good handling of Social Networks (Community Manager) all this offering competitive strategies of marketing in all the levels that go from political marketing to social marketing.

Our approach is the automatization of leads/registries/quotes/sales of the consumers to the companies using the tools of digital marketing research according to the turn or to the model of business of each company maintaining the communication, the processes and the more efficient technology available in the market.

Our mission is to be the best Agency of Publicity and Digital Marketing, always having in mind the quality in our processes and our customized attention with a continuous improvement evaluating to our personnel about our services, as well as the sensitization of these subjects to the public generally with our courses of Community Manager that are our success the week ends.

The Conviction, Delivery, Creativity, Honesty and Communication are our values. 

VtlGlobal has characterized itself for being a company specialized in the digital publicity. In addition to be taking care of and explaining to the businesses what is the social networks, we have forged our race in the publicity outpost that it has to do with pixels of remarketing or retargetting in addition to programmatic publicity of announcements national and international level.

Our Characteristics:

We can say that what defines to us as gets hold of is the following thing:


To solve any problem before any very positive adversity and being and so we do.


What we do, we do it of heart and by far effort, from a webpage to 1 simple announcement on Facebook.


Our day to day must be our creativity to give the best thing and to differentiate the strategies from each client of the existing competition.


When something leaves our hands, we are honest and it tenth, in addition to that we counted on a network of allies strategic to be able to solve any situation.


A fundamental part of our business, without her, we could not operate as agency that we are. We support the internal communication with our external collaborators and with our clients.

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SEO (positioning Web)

we make a business together

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