How or they will know different niches exist or segments in which we can position the webpages, we will speak on an example that is making the rounds in the first places of certain local terms in the city of Quer©taro. And we will show to them which were the points most important to be able to position it.

STEP 1: To identify the services or products

We have the website then basically this one company makes reference to 6 services:

SEO Posicionamiento Web

1. - Recruitment and Selection of Personnel
2. - Administration of Personal or Outsourcing
3. - Maquila of List
4. - Consultancy and Consultant's office in Human Resources
5. - Psychometric batteries
6. - Socioeconomic studies

It is important to work with the company so that it develops to you more than it can of information on each one of the products or services that offers. Without a doubt this one work must be of the 2 and you can support to your client asking to him these 3 questions:

1. -What is?

2. -Where they sell it or in what it leaves from the country offer it?

3. -To whom it goes directed?

Answering these questions, the company easily can develop to the way information ordinate.

STEP 2: Investigation of Key words

If not yet you are familiarized with €œkey words€ I recommend to you that you read What importance has the key words at the time of making your website?

STEP 3: Correct development of the SEO on-Page

He is something very simple, that is divided in these 3 sections:

1. - Menu (it structures the information so that you can make several pages of your services or products, also you can create a page by product category and put all the products or services there)

2. - Labels H1, H2, H3, H4 (it deals with that the labels are rich of above downwards home by important order ** ** these labels must have keywords in that you are wanted to position of a coherent way) all the words which they are not your target you can use the label <p>.

3. - Information of location and contact (always it tries to put the information of your location, telephones, direction, to connect with Google Maps, etc. this help to that google understands where these located)

If you need more information you do not doubt in contacting 🙂 to me