One of the €œmore common problems€ when one wants to begin a new project is the webpage, at the present time is no a guide exceeds where to begin or how to begin, for that reason I bring some to them tips that can help them enough:

  • All we have listened of WORDPRESS, WIX, WEEBLY, 1&1, But which is the best one when we do not have money?

€œMore easy€ of all it can be shelp is WIX (although at the home work can cost to you because not yet you have as much practice), since it literally allows you to do everything from dragging images of your writing-desk to changing to colors of icons and others. The payment version is around the 150 pesos to the month or if you plan it to pay of blow it will leave to you approximately in 1300 pesos to the year.

Wix has groups of all type and in the personnel I have used several for example:

- Everything what has to do with local businesses (Bars, Restaurants, Laundries, Store of Clothes, etc.)

- Services (agencies of publicity, offices of lawyers, accountants, consultancy, doctors)

- Products (Stores online, etc.)

  • Wix is focused to be very €œshowy€, then if you do not have designer approach, your site is going to be €œrare€

The platform that can use to begin to be soaked with design things if they do not have programs as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. would be CANVA.COM.

CANVA is a true magic since it allows you to make several things, from creating a E-book, to make a post for Facebook, a cover for Youtube and others. It already comes with the sizes predetermined for each platform and separate it has stock photos.

On the other hand you can take advantage of the photos STOCK of WIX and the new Feature that is the Vectorial Art where you can remove *Ilustraciones€

  • If you bought your domain in Bluehost, Godday, Akky, ertc€¦ with WIX you can connect your domain in minutes

WIX has an assistant of connection of easy super domain, come pre-installed the steps that you must follow to connect your domain with your website in WIX, is practically PAN EATEN. The only thing that you will need is the password of your supplier of domain and to stick the DNS of WIX in the part of DNS in the administrator of your domain. It can be listened to rare but when they enter they will know that I speak.

  • Another one of the WIX benefits is that you can INDEX your site in Google easily

The acquisition of traffic (to attract visits your site) can be difficult if we do not know as the organic positioning works, if you are not of which nails in these subjects WIX facilitates you everything when having a SEO assistant (SEO WIZ).

In summary the ECONOMIC AND FAST option is WIX, if they need to know something more do not doubt in contacting to me HERE.