Too much competition exists nowadays, you need much dedication to be able to position to you and also you need investigation before selling it to your possible clients not to lose money.

If within your plan of marketing you proposed a strategy of content for you or your clients (to create blogs, to make videos in youtube, to postear or Instagram on Facebook) you are going to have to put the batteries to you with respect to the SEO.

BRIEFLY SEO = SALES. Although you do not create it or exists people looking for your service or product in Internet, that is to say is it €œGOOGLEANDO€ for that reason you need to be there so that you appear to them with excellent and very attractive content.


The way easiest to make an analysis SEO is the following one:


This one step is very simple, you only must go you to the finder of Google and put the word site: this way you will know that pages have been indexed or if it is not it. I leave an example here you down:

How you will be able to see is very important that the site has an attractive title and a description puts for the people whom at the moment they are looking for a related service to which your you offer. If it does not appear to you any result or appear results that see €œrare€ (another language or symbols) or the information it does not agree and so beams (often the links or pages of templates in WordPress are indexed) then the indexing is not correct and needs a plan SEO.

Also something that you must fix to you and is very important, is the content DUPLICATED in your website, that means that within those results that appeared to you in Google when you made the search site: you must check that it has not contained repeated in (Titles, Descriptions, URls, etc.) so that you have a good €œrankeo€ and that in addition the links work (that are not broken)

  • Speed of load and structure at level development of your site (PAGE SPEED INSIGHTS and GTMETRIX)

The following step is very important so that it must make an evaluation at level development of page (how the page was done), to evaluate several factors as they are it (speed of load, weight of images, conflicts of code, unnecessary code, css that alenta the page, etc.) then you need to use these 2 tools:



In GTMETRIX you will see a qualification (To, B, C, D) divided in:

  • Speed of load generally
  • Yslow that it has to do with the speed of load of your site related to the important CDN *muy so that your page loaded of the nearest servant where is usuario* 
  • Time in which your page load totally 
  • The gross weight of your page in Megabyte
  • The amount of €œrequests€ to the servant to call to your page or redireccionamientos that you must to show your page

In PAGE SPEED INSIGHTS you will see a qualification (from 0 to 100) divided in:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Basically they are spoken of factors as speed of load and all the indicated above one with GTMETRIX nevertheless reason why I have seen, one of the main problems with the sites are the size of the images.

  • Revision of versions of the website (Different URLS)

Your site must be accessible from any version of your URL, for example:

Ponte to review them in the explorer of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. If you have more doubts please contacts personal mail to me directly and with taste I will solve it to you.