Good friendly, the question that several colleagues in SEO do to me It affects Google Maps or Google My Business for the positioning POSITIVELY SEO of my LOCAL site?

And the answer is IF, we are going to back down a little and to think that it is what Google wants.

€œOur mission is to organize the information of the world so that all can accede to her and use it€

In Google definition it wants to show the information fastest, and excellent close possible to the user. Confirming that we can say that the local SEO goes of the hand with the locations of Google Maps. Here I have a very clear example of a gymnasium of AERIAL DANCE called PROART that has a website with much information lamentably but NOTHING OPTIMIZED (possible client haha).

Then if you do the search dances air queretaro can see that Google Maps apparently taking of reference the key words of Meta Descripci³n & Meta T­tulo of some results badly optimized and of the content of the website showing it in the results search of Google Maps (image 2) and in addition in the second position to those keywords with a considerable amount to level niche of local way.

If they can review that in the second image it has a legend that says €œIts website mentions air dance€

This one strategy is brilliant for local businesses, the point is here to register the locations of the business with physical branches in Google Maps or Google My Business to as much generate more leads (clients) of quality in the location as in the website altogether with the SEO strategy on page. Doing this I assure to them that they are going €œto rankear€ better than its local competitors.

You don't know that it is the SEO, SEO on page or to rankear?

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