What importance has the key words at the time of making your website?

The key words play a very important role at the time of wanting to position your website, nevertheless it is necessary to have much taken care of from where there is to put them not to fall in some technique of Black Hat SEO and that our site can be ignored by the web search engines of Google.

What are the key words?

In this one article we explained to you of very simple way what they are the key words and how to know as they are those key words that you must put in your website. The key words you can find them single or in phrase, for example:

Single: Web

In phrase: website

Developed phrase more: website design

Developed and Geo-located phrase more: design of websites

But a little deeper the explanation would be€¦ are investigated and studied words that helps us to position a website in Google. When saying that they are studied and investigated we talked about to that at the moment they are words that a person ALREADY IS LOOKING FOR in Google.

For example: If you are going to create a webpage that is dedicated to promote services of digital publicity, more likely the people are also looking for specific things as publicity on Facebook, publicity in Google, publicity in websites and is there where all she makes sense since if you use these words you have major possibility of appearing in the results search, although the objective would be to try to position itself in almost all the terms.

Another very important point is the one that words if and that words no, you do not worry, tenth we you as.

How to choose the key words to develop your site?

You remember that I commented to you on the investigation? The intention of the investigation is that you find as the people are looking for what your you sell or you offer, here is where you must have patience and begin google service by service or product by product or term by term.

Nevertheless, we like to give you short cuts for that reason we bring some to you digital tools that can help you enough for your investigation of key words.

1. - Semrush: Of payment.

2. - Keyword Tool Planner de Google Adwords: Free.

3. - KwFinder: Of payment.

4. - Keywords Everywhere €“ Keyword Tool: Free extension of Chrome.

Each of these tools will give the amount you of searches that has each keyword, phrase, term, etc. Is important to clarify that the competition can be in key words very hard sometimes of your election and for that reason you must have a mixed strategy, where you use key words with many searches but also you integrate more specific key words with few searches where there are not so many competitors. Really if you need €œto deepen€ in the subject so that you are taking hold more experience and practice. At the moment you will have to put you to each one of the tools before mentioned and to evaluate them, since each has pros and cons.