What is a Community Manager and which are their functions in social networks?

The social networks are an important route of communication for any company that wishes to exhibit its products or services before a specific public.

So that a company can efficiently transmit a message in the social networks, the help of a professional specialized is necessary in €œsocial average€. An expert whose work did not exist half a century ago, and today is one of the positions with greater demand according to the Observatory of the Labor market, published in the 2011 by Interactive Advertising Bureau, organism that the community of publicity in average digitalises of Spain represents. This character has by Community name Manager, call thus by the importance that he has when interacting with the communities that settle down in social networks.

A Community manager has by function the creation and management of communities, which define themselves as an user group reunited around common interests. To manage them is not easy task, must have a specific qualification in correctly handling the interaction with the consumer.

Profile of the Community Manager

Erroneously manager as a tod³logo, a character has been considered to community who can create all the content of the social networks of the company, even exist some organizations who think that this agent must have the knowledge to create webpages, something that is totally incorrect.

The true function of community is, simple and simply, the administration of the identity of the company, and a facilitator of the communication between the client and the brand.

Another one of the tasks to consider of a manager of communities, is its ability of to glide and to share content, created mainly by a designer or a set of dedicated people to create images, videos and texts for social networks.

Community can also create strategies of advertising campaigns within the social networks, where the company will destine a budget that will on Facebook be applied in promotion of publications and created announcements Ads.

Some of the social networks that can administer are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn

Nevertheless, the company must consider that sometimes the services that offer do not enter all the means, and requires of a consultant of digital marketing to direct all their effort in the correct social networks.

A manager of social networks must have certain qualities to be able to fulfill his mission to correctly transmit the message of the company:

  • Creativity
  • To be an excellent signaller
  • Organization
  • Excellent spelling
  • Common sense
  • Empathic
  • To have good Judgment
  • Service to the client
  • Adaptation
  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment

If you need that a Community Manager I evaluated and takes care of your social networks, sends a mail to us and we will make an evaluation of your business.