The work of a Community Manager is fundamental at the time of creating engagement between the community of a brand. 

Its function is that a correct interaction between the company and its public within the social networks exists.

In order to know exactly what is and that it does a Community Manager we recommended to you to read What is a Community Manager and which are their functions in social networks.

The tools that a manager of communities uses are essential to administer a digital business correctly, for example, to work in several social profiles, to measure the hearing of a Fan Page of a client, to be found out the world-wide tendencies, to design some post, etc. we let a list to you of the 7 tools Here that, for us, are fundamental that you have at the hand.



One is of the most known within the management social networks. Between its functions is the option to review commentaries of a social network in specific, to program publications, to show metric for our reports, to add columns to connect applications that are useful to measure results, and the ample possibility of adding all the profiles of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn that you need, or are of your own business or some client.

Hootsuite also counts on an education platform that offers courses for Community Manager and Marketing in social networks from nascent level to expert. It also includes certifications for different areas with prices among $2.000 from $8.000 pesos Mexican.


The best tool to design, ideal for nondesigners and professionals. He is useful, versatile and it includes groups so that you do not have to create content from zero. It is an excellent platform that allows you to choose among several formats, you can create a post of Facebook until a Flyer to command to impression. Also it has the possibility of publishing in social networks and of unloading presentations in pdf or Power Point.


Nowadays the conversion of clients and the active listening of these through the social networks is fundamental to know that they want, how they want it and to what hour. Social Sprout is a tool that helps you to know the behavior your hearing. Through data based on the conversations of the users, Sprout offers the great advantage to show in real time the mentions to you of your brand, advice on as optimizing your campaign of marketing, tendencies and key words to optimize the visualization of your content.


You can use this tool to be in touch with your consumers, clients or users of a nearer way, to be able to create experience of one by one through several communication channels with an only interface. Another advantage that it has is to be able to measure the feeling of the community through commentaries and reactions, so that at the time of a crisis you can handle it of an efficient form and transforming the opinion of each user into something positive.


The perfect tool for the search of key words and to orient your strategy of digital marketing in SEO. In order to exactly know of what it can serve to you the investigation of words you would have to read What importance has the key words at the time of making your website. The key words you can use them to position your content, or in social networks or a webpage.

Although it is a page that receives to you to use it, you can accede to a period of gratuitous test and look for the key words that you need.


It finds ideas for content of fast form with this tool that shows the last news to you based on the subject which you are looking for. You will be able to leak per time of antiquity, language, domains, etc.

Google Trends

Ideal to find tendencies of a specific subject in within a state or another country. It allows you to compare between one or more words and to see as the popularity of each is growing.  In addition, you have the option to unload the data to a file CSV and to visualize per week and searches.

You will be able to use these tools to control the direction of your community and to give precise reports on the results that you are having in your social networks. Much success!

You do not forget to send a mail to us in case you need to a Community Manager to administer all your digital business and to increase of positive form your hearing.